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Appv2msi a App-V 5 to msi converter tool

b2ap3_thumbnail_Appv2Msi_Dialog_Smal.pngEnglish translation created with !

AppV2Msi a tool that is being created to transform Microsoft App-V 5 Files into a "real " MSI files. For

The development is not completed. Just when we receive appropriate feedback to the application, we will continue to develop this application. At some point, perhaps to a Pro version. We currently use the tool could convert more applications than initially expected.



Target group

I was just approached by a field in the App-V on why do we do it at all. The simple answer is that it works is very simple! The following usage scenarios :

Creating an MSI for a new „simple" product for internal company use. Take the sequencer (or the beta on Technet - search for „desktop optimization pack " ). And creates an msi from the sequence.

The way back: You want to change platforms . Or an application does not work as App - V application. Also, this tool can be used


AppV2Msi - Legal (warning)

This software is experimental. The results are partially functional, but very many exclusions and special features are observed. Should only be used topically. Appv files that were sequenciert with a 32-bit Windows 7 and 32-bit applications only contain (64 bit is implemented but not fully tested). The results then work part way under Windows 7 64 Bit and Windows 8 The installation and uninstallation of the MSI file was unclean in some cases. Therefore, use it only in test environments. Use is at your own risk. So just for experts! We accept no liability for the use of this software. We can assist with questions.

Copyright 2013 - Nick Information Technology GmbH. The use of this version ( is free. We accept no liability for any damage or loss of data through the use of this software. © 2013 Nick Information Technology GmbH / Andreas Nick



AppV2msi is provided via the website . A link is desired, but not the provision of copies. Providing a copy of violating our rights and will be prosecuted.

For the use and download a registration on the website is necessary. We are careful with your data to, and do not pass on this. Please note the conditions in the application on „Newsletter“ and contact“

Installation Requirements



  • Implementation of the App-V virtual file system in an MSI
  • Implementation of the App-V registry ( automatic conversion of all paths to a new destination path)
  • Registration and installation of fonts ( should work)
  • Create and update capability MSI ( largely untested)


Missing features

  • Support of COM (Component will not be registered )
  • Support ROOT keys (menu , etc. )
  • Assemblies ( Read Assemblies are not recognized and not automatically registered)
  • Shortcuts (either the Start menu or on the desktop shortcuts are created. Programming for this is pretty easy and will possibly soon be submitted later)


Software requirements

Please note the software used, the corresponding license information


known Issues

Error message: Key / REGISTRY / USER / [ AppVCurrentUserSID { } ] / File Folder ..... NONE ( null) [ 0] with name " File Folder " and Value " ( null)" in not in the msi

There are some registry values that have as type a "NULL." So do not REG_SZ , DWord , etc. Here there seems to be no way to create them using WiX. Does anyone have this information ?


Quick Guide

First, create a new project. The default path is "% appdata % \appv2msi \Projects\ " . Create a Folder a folder for your project.

Then on "Select File“an App - V 5th appv File

The tool tries out some configuration files ( . Xml ) of the . Appv files to extract information. That does not always completely!

Just for package name, display name, version (xxxx) and Manufacture , any ASCII characters can be entered.

Please pay particular attention to the installation path.

For the source ( . Appv ) should the main application only to c: \ program files ( x86) \ <APPFOLDER> or to c: install \ Program Files \ <APPOLDERY> . The installation path can be adjusted. The target directory (c : \ program files ( x86) \ or c : \ program files \ ) is then selected only the "64" bit switches . If this is set, and a 32 -bit application to c can : \ Program Files \ <APPOLDERY> be installed.



Without this switch to the 64 bit application lands under "c: \ program files ( x86) \ nick -it \ Mozilla Firefox \ " and that is correct! So do not set this option here.

All project settings are saved with the project and end up in the file:

% appdata % \ appv2msi \ Projects \ <MYPROJECT> \ <MSINAME> _Settings.xml

You end up all changes for substitutions and exclusions that are made for a project.

Creation of updates

Currently, a largely untested function. A proper update is dependent on clean guids . This may not be generated randomly. So leave the switch "gene random Guid” out! The guids are then generated based on the path name. The directory must not change! It must be added a new upgrade code. The generated product code and upgrade code must be identical to the previous version. Furthermore, a new version number must be entered. The version number has the msi format must be followed. So is to It will be of the MSI considers only the first three values . So at least at the third position change! The GUIDs are generated by the project path. The date must be exactly identical to the previous version. So the same project directory with the same path. The old directory you should back up! Please check the product code generated in any case! If identical, the new version can be generated

NOTE: We are planning at this point some extensions


Log analysis

In Projetverzeichnis the following files under "Logs" created:

  • AppV2XML.log (log of the generator. Corresponds to the output in the dialog box )
  • <AppName>. Candle.log (log of the WiX Candle generator. , If no MSI was generated , please check here first .
  • <AppName>. Msi.log (log of the WiX Light generator. Error messages when creating the MSI)
  • <AppName>. Xml ( WiX template file that was generated with the tool appv2msi
  • The logs contain partially many warnings and errors, some of it is eliminated with new versions.


Some can entries can be safely ignored.

Issue in AppV2XML.log

IMPORTANT INFO [{ .. }] value not found in the substitution table . Please make an entry: [{ desktop }] \ ....

Substitution is still missing in the registry. This needs to be complemented in the project. Example [ { desktop }] => [ Desktop Folder ]

Note: We will ask for information which paths should be included here as standard!

Important links in this context:

WiX Burn Built-in Variables:

Infos from Microsoft:


Description of application dialogs

Description of the most important fields. Some of the fields cannot be read correctly from the . Appv XML files. Then, this data must be entered manually

  • Package name is <PackageName> . Msi
  • Display Name - Display in view of installed programs
  • Install Dir - installation path to c: \ Program Files or Program Files (x86). The path can be changed
  • Version - Please enter the MSI xxxx notation here , for example, , if not read as
  • Gene random GUID - created the system based random key. This may be necessary in Extensive applications.
  • Create msi dialogue - The msi files get created dialogs. These can be c: dialogs like to replace your own \ program files ( x86) \ appv2msi \
  • 64 Bit - This switch must be set if this is the application is a 64 bit application. Otherwise, the 64-bit application to c: \ Program Files ( x86) installed
  • Active Setup - it will set the Active Setup key for new users. There is a service running when you first registered for the msi with the Product Code. New users automatically receive all the necessary files to% appdata %, for example . Furthermore, the registry key under HKCU. This will not uninstall the Terminal Server compatibility.
  • Press „Start" is the build process.




FilesSystem Exclustion

Here exclusions from the APPV file system are defined. So folders to be ignored during the conversion. Only the folders are considered that are highlighted. The software works with regular expressions, is a backslash to put each a double „\ \ „. Possibly expand here after reviewing the logs.



Registry Exclusion

This registration impurity exclusions are defined. So the hives that are ignored in the conversion. It will take into account only the branches that are marked



Path Substitution

It will be converted into the AppV variables msi variables. Here, the logs may have to be added after review . A special feature is that only the root \ vfs paths wander into the msi , which were marked. All other VFS directories will be ignored! Some projects will require significant extensions here . An overview can be found in the WiX documentation:

The Pade AppV be specified as these are seen in the file system . So spaces are replaced by a 20 %




Reg Substitution

Converts the AppV variables in the registry msi variables. Please just have a look in the advanced settings of the sequencer. Of which there are quite a lot. We have listed only the most important. Missing variables are reported in the log. Be changed only the masked variables.




msiAppv2msi conversion Tool Beliebt

AppV2Msi a tool that is being created to transform Microsoft App-V 5 Files into a "real " MSI files.

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Appv2msi ein Formatkonverter von App-V nach MSI
AppV 5 Dateiformat


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