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Several people have asked me where the many great pictures come from and how they can use it. Do you like my Bleder rendered App-V, Citrix and VMware Blog art?
The use of the high-resolution images in your "technical" blogpost and (or) parts of the pictures is allowed, if you place two backlinks to my blogs



http://www.andreasnick.com (coming soon, a completely English blog).

It is not allowed to use the images outside of a “technical” blogs. Here are the pictures in (different) high resolution ("Save As" to get the full resolution ).

App V MyImage HD



AppVBalls Smal

Citrix AppV 720p 2

Citrix AppV 720p

Citrix HD

Citrix Smal


Grid BigGridGrid Bret 1

Grid Glas


Grid und Blitz2 Smal

Grid und Blitz2 Gross b

Grid White 1 

Grid White gl

Powershell Switch 1200x1200

Powershell Swtxt 1200x1200

Powershell Swtxt HD

vmware 3d


XenAppPatch 2